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May 2024
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Treasure Hordes for 20 to 30 mm Role-playing and War Games
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Posted by: G R @ 9:13 am

A bit of a departure from our usual fare. Although not exactly a miniature figure, these small scenery pieces are pretty related to our regular topic so I hope you find them of interest.

Treasure! Gold, gems, magical items!  It’s what every adventurer hopes to find!

These custom-made painted scenery pieces can be used as objective markers for your 20-30mm fantasy tabletop war gaming such as Warhammer Fantasy. They can also be used in many role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

The base of each treasure measures about 1-1/4 inches (32 mm) in diameter. Here is one of the treasure hoards shown with a 25mm scale miniature to give you an idea of size.

These treasure piles and other miniature scenery pieces can be found at my store along with my painted figures. If you have an interest in miniature scenery and terrain, you can find much more information on my Universal Terrain blog.

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Pirates and Buccaneers - Arrgghhh! 25mm Miniatures in Search of Punder and Adventure
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Posted by: G R @ 6:57 am

We be pirates! Arrgghhh!

Meet One-Eyed Red Molly, a female pirate captain sailing the Seven Seas in search of adventure and plunder. She commands her own crew of buccaneers and rules with an iron fist. She is handy with the cutlass and carries a brace of pistols.

Molly’s first mate is Balo, a large man originally hailing from Portugal. His weapon of choice is a blunderbuss, something he has found to be useful in clearing the decks of his enemies.

These 25 mm scale miniature figures would be useful in historical gaming in the Age of Pirates. They can also appear in some fantasy game worlds.

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