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August 2011
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Dry Bones Skeleton Undead Warriors Painted Horror Fantasy Miniatures 25 mm
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 6:21 am

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones … One of the most common undead monsters found in fantasy and horror games are skeletons. Raised from the dead to seek revenge, protect cursed treasure, or to do the bidding of an evil necromancer lord. Whatever the reason behind their walking the earth, our boney warriors are always ready to confront your adventurers. Here is a small warband of skeletal fighters charging into battle.

Each is armed with a sword.

These fighters each carry a small shield and wear bits of armor and tattered clothing.

Skeletons can appear from individual fighters to large hordes of undead warriors. They can be employed in nearly any fantasy or horror role-playing game such as Dungeons & Dragons™or table top war game including Warhammer Fantasy™.

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Haunted Graveyard Shade Wraith 28 mm Painted Horror Fantasy Miniature Figure
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 9:10 am

Stalking the lonely graveyard on a moonless night, this frightful spirit has risen from the grave to exact horrible revenge!

Wind swirls its shroud as it stalks toward its victim across the moldering burial ground.

Its body is invisible, but the fear that it causes is almost palpable.

This classic figure can appear in many fantasy or horror RPG gaming scenarios. It can be a simple haunter of graveyards, a bog wraith skirting about misty moors, or even the embodiment of a major supernatural opponent. Whatever the game setting, it should strike terror into the hearts of your adventurers!

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Golden Knight Clerical Warrior Fantasy Miniature
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 6:31 am

His golden armor gleaming in the battlefield light, this heavily armored knight presents a formidable sight.

He wears a full suit of armor made from golden plate mail, including a protective helmet. A large shield provides additional protection.

He wields a large longsword in hand-to-hand combat. A weighted footman’s flail also hangs at his back.

But it appears that he is far more than a simple fighter. Various objects hang from his belt including holy symbols, a spell book, and a scroll. It seems that our knight has a religious or wizardry side. Perhaps he is a paladin cleric representing his faith’s deity on the battle ground between good and evil.

Whatever his alignment, this warrior miniature would stand out in any fantasy game encounter.

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Armored Red Knight Warrior With Two Handed Sword 25 mm Fantasy Miniature
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 7:06 am

Holding his wicked two handed greatsword at the ready, this seasoned knight charges into battle!

He wears a complete suit of plate mail armor including helmet. He carries a longsword in the sheath at his hip as a back up weapon.

His tunic flaps in the breeze as he charges.

This 25 mm scale fantasy game miniature has a nice fluid pose!

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Post Apocalyptic Military Survivors 25 mm Miniature Figures
Filed under: Science Fiction, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Post Apocalypse
Posted by: G R @ 12:00 pm

They may be a bit battered. Maybe their uniforms are torn and frayed from their unexpectedly lengthy stay in the field. Perhaps their weapons are running low on ammo. And none of them have seen a hot shower or warm rations in longer than they can remember. But their determination to not only survive, but to carry on the war against the alien invaders (or the zombie hordes) still burns!

This rag tag group of military survivors searches though devastated post apocalyptic urban landscapes. They seek to connect up with other survivors while looking for ways to fight the off worlders. They carry on a guerrilla war, ambushing small alien patrols, disrupting supply lines, and generally hitting the enemy whenever a good opportunity allows.

These 25 mm scale figures would be great miniatures for a variety of near future game worlds. It could be as simple as the later stages of a major global world confrontation such as the post apocalyptic nuclear war environment of Twilight: 2000™. Perhaps the threat stems from beyond our planet as an alien species invades the Earth. Or a mutant virus has escaped to transform the dead into zombie hordes.

There is a lot of “character” in these sculpts.

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