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October 2011
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Orc and Goblin War Band 25mm Fantasy Miniature Warriors
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 8:16 am

Here is a sample of 25mm scale miniatures from a commission group I recently completed. The war band consisted primarily of orcs fighters plus a few goblins thrown in.

First, some orcs with battle axes, both one- and two-handed weapons.

Orc warriors with a bow and a sword.

Finally a couple of goblins, one wielding a spear, the other a short bow (have you ever seen a goblin try to use a longbow?).

You can always use some orcs and goblin fighters in your fantasy scenarios. They frequently make up the backbone of many armies in Dungeons & Dragons™, Warhammer Fantasy™, and other fantasy games.

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Zombies - Walking Dead Want Your Brains - Halloween Horrors 25mm
Filed under: Science Fiction, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Post Apocalypse, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 4:00 pm

Just in time to celebrate the Halloween season, here is a batch of zombies.

Once these cursed creatures were our friends and neighbors, even our family. They led perfectly normal lives, going about the regular daily rituals. But now, they have become the walking dead, roaming the abandoned streets of nearly deserted cities and towns, constantly searching for fresh brains (well, actually any human meat will do) to consume.

Some were members of the business community, toiling away in office buildings.

Others spent their days in classes and their nights at campus parties.

You will notice that there is quite a variation in the skin tones of these zombies. I decided to give the “freshly dead” a fairly normal skin tone with some mottling.

As the zombies “age”, the flesh takes on an increasingly greyish dead tone with the “older” zombies possessing very darkened skin.

Also, the wounds on the older zombies tend to leave a darker, aged blood stain, while the blood on the recently changed is brighter.  Of course, if a zombie has fed recently, there is a presence of brighter blood as well.

Here’s hoping that none of these come “Trick or Treating” at your door on Halloween night – unless you have a bucket of fresh brains to hand out!

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