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June 2011
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Bad Biker Dude With Flamethrower Post Apocalyptic 25 mm Painted Game Miniature
Filed under: Science Fiction, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Post Apocalypse
Posted by: G R @ 12:10 pm

Slade was a member of a biker club before the appearance of the infected zombie hordes. He’s still a member of the club, although the membership has shrunk considerably in all of the chaos and fighting that followed.

Of course, the new world order has allowed Slade to upgrade his usual armaments. Now his weapon of choice is a military issued flamethrower! Sure, the lit up zeds may still come at you briefly, but not for too long before the flames reduce them to ashes.

The flamer is pretty good for hosing down a group of zeds all at once, but it is a bit excessive in certain circumstances, like inside combustible buildings. That’s when Slade resorts to his semiautomatic pistol and combat knife.

The grenade on his belt is held in reserve is he attracts too many zeds at one time.

This 25 mm game miniature makes a fun addition to most parties of survivors seeking safety in a post apocalyptic world. The flamethrower is a nice cinematic effect in combat, whether it is against zombies, hostile alien invaders, or any other miscreant daring to disrupt Slade’s world!

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Road Warrior Post Apocalypse Painted Miniature 25 mm Scale
Filed under: Science Fiction, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Post Apocalypse
Posted by: G R @ 9:36 am

In the post apocalyptic landscape, danger is everywhere. On the rubble-strewn city streets; even on the lonely open roads. But there are hard men (and women) who dare to stand against the chaos. Here is one such road warrior.

He is armed to the teeth. He carries a military assault rifle in his right hand and a semiautomatic pistol in his left.

A spare pistol is tucked into his belt. For close-up fighting, he has a combat knife sheathed in his right boot.

The metal brace on his right knee provides proof of the dangers lying in wait on the lawless highways.

You might see a bit of a resemblance in this 25-mm scale casting to a certain cinematic road warrior named Max!

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Female Vampire Knight with Longsword Painted Miniature Fantasy D&D
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 8:15 am

Her equipment hints at the possible vampiric nature of this female warrior.

The bat-like style of her shield, the wings of her helmet, the bat wing design of the hilt of her longsword.

But it is hard to tell if she possesses an evil dark persona or may be one of the “enlightened” vampires.

She could either be an enemy confronting your adventurers or an interesting member of the party.

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Female Half Orc Human Warrior with Longsword and Dagger Painted Miniature Fantasy D&D
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 11:46 am

The slightly greenish skin tone, small tusks, and muscular body points to the mixed orc/human heritage of this female fighter.

She is obviously prepared to go adventuring! She bears a multitude of weapons including the longsword and dagger she currently holds

In addition, a bow for use in ranged combat is held in the quiver of arrows slung on her back.

Her armor consists of scale mail and various pieces of plate mail.

Adding her to your party of adventurers would be a chance to mix things up a bit. Maybe she overcompensates for her heritage by adopting a high moral lifestyle, more akin to an honor-bound samurai warrior.  Or perhaps she wages an internal battle with her more confrontational orc side occasionally appearing.

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Fantasy Warrior with Battle Axe and Military Pick in 28 mm Scale
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 10:30 am

This experienced fighter is fully decked out for battle.

His armor includes both chainmail and plate. In addition, he wears a heavy cape made from the pelt of a large animal. He wields two weapons: a battle axe in his right hand and a military pick in his left.

A collection of claws or fangs from his earlier battles against beasts hangs at his waist. It is obvious that this warrior is a seasoned veteran of many fights. You can see the grim determination of a warrior in his face.

A good addition to a party of adventurers in any fantasy role-playing game or table top army. The figure is 28 mm scale.

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Evil Knight With Battle Axe and Sword 28mm Fantasy Figure
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 3:20 pm

This evil warrior brings a powerful presence to the battlefield! He will create fear among almost any enemy.

He wields two weapons at once: a battle axe in his right hand and a wicked sword in his left. Grisly trophies from earlier battles dangle from his waist, including a severed head and several smaller skulls.

He carries a dagger as a reserve weapon. His armor is a mixture of plate and scale mail.

The sculptor of this 28mm scale game miniature does a great job of capturing the character’s ferocious nature and blood rage in battle. An excellent figure to strike terror into the hearts of fantasy adventurers everywhere.

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