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January 2013
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Zombie Sightings - Baseball Fan and Star Trek Fan for 25mm War Games
Filed under: Science Fiction, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 7:27 pm

Zombie alert!  Here are two of the walking dead recently sighted lurching in the shadows.

First up we have this baseball fan.  He had just arrived at the stadium to watch his favorite team play a double header.

The Cardinals were doing great this year.  But when he was trying to buy a pretzel at a concession stand, the girl behind the counter reached over and snatched his arm and started eating her way through his sweatshirt!…

Next is this member of the Star Trek fandom.  She had been so excited to attend the local science fiction convention, anxious to show off her knowledge of all things Star Trek.

But when she was wandering through the packed dealer’s room, she noticed that some of the Klingons acting as con security were behaving rather strangely, even for Klingons.

Suddenly a commotion erupted near them and everything got crazy.  One of the Klingon fans actually grabbed her and bit her hand!  Now, it turns out she was just another “red shirt“…

Be on your guard! Stay alert, stay alive!

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Female Ninja Warrior Asian Martial Artist in 25mm Scale War Game Miniature
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 6:50 pm

The martial arts are not solely the domain of men.  There are female warriors who are quite skilled in the way of the warrior.

This 25mm-scale game miniature portrays one such woman warrior as she prepares to unleash a vicious attack on her foe.

She carries no weapon, simply relying on her own body to administer damage to her opponent.  On the other hand, she does have a pair of potential weapons in the two hairpins tucked into the back of her hair.

The sculptor has done a nice job of capturing the fighter in a classic martial pose.

This miniature figure could be useful in a variety of role-playing and war games including fantasy, historical, and pulp action adventures.

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