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July 2011
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Spectral Ghost Knight with Mace Painted Fantasy D&D Figure
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 4:00 pm

Rising from his grave, this spectral warrior comes to avenge his death, or perhaps to protect a sacred artifact.

None of the knight’s body can be seen, only the items he wore in life: plate mail armor, horned helmet, shield, cloak, and so on. And of course his sturdy mace!

There is even a certain ghostly quality to his clothing, seemingly disappearing into nothingness at the edges.

This 25 mm scale game figure can make a spooky encounter for your player characters. Although designed with a fantasy setting in mind, this miniature could appear in some horror adventures as well.

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Armored Orc Warrior Soldiers with Sword and Ax 25 mm Painted Fantasy Figures
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 11:40 am

Orcs form some of the strongest armies in many fantasy worlds. Their battle lust and ability to follow commands make them formidable foes on the battlefield.

Here are a couple of 25-28 mm scale orc soldiers. Each is outfitted with chainmail armor, a shield and a primary weapon (sword or ax).

While they seldom rise to any significant rank, they can still form the foundation of an impressive army in any fantasy game including Dungeons & Dragons™ and Warhammer Fantasy™. There is always room for a few more orcs on the table top.

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Hellhound pack on the Trail of Victims Fantasy Miniatures
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 10:20 am

Howls from the netherworld fill the dark night air! Hellhounds are on the hunt! And they are coming closer!

Large, brutish monstrous dogs from Hell. These creatures have been sent to hunt down a doomed victim.

Magical fire seems to flicker across their bodies, but doesn’t cause any damage to the monsters.

An evil glow radiates from behind their eyes, hinting at an unnatural primal intelligence.

Send these evil puppies to search out your adventurers for a nasty encounter in any fantasy or horror scenario.

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Multi Use Cleric Druid or Cultist Figure with Staff in 25 mm Scale
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 1:00 pm

This is one of those miniatures that can be drafted into various roles.

Is he raising his hand as a sign of peace, or is he preparing to cast a magical incantation? It depends.

Maybe this fellow is simply a kind cleric offering aid to you. Or perhaps a belligerent druid seeking to protect his natural wards. On the other hand, he may be the leader of a Cthulhu cult attempting to open the doorway between dimensions! Dressed in robes and holding a staff in his left hand, this miniature could fill any of these roles.

This 25 mm scale figure could find a home in any fantasy game world including Dungeons & Dragons™. Or he could appear in a horror mythos such as Call of Cthulhu™.

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Evil Female Death Demon with Scythe and Sword 28mm Painted Miniature
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 3:04 pm

Straight from the bowels of Hell, this skeletal evil demon has come to collect some soul!.

She wields a wicked scythe in her left hand and a longsword in her right.

She wears little armor (including a skull-emblazoned shoulder pad), preferring a tattered flowing gown. Perhaps she likes the way it balances her large horned brow!

Magical jewels adorn her crown and a ring on her left hand. Other pieces of jewelry appear on her arm and ankle.

Only the greatest of heroes will have a chance of besting her! She should strike fear into any party of adventurers. In addition to appearing an any fantasy world, this 28 mm scale miniature game figure could be used in some horror adventures.

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