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May 2024
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Ghostly Spirits Rise From the Game Board in Time for Halloween Scares - 25-28mm Scale Phantoms
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Posted by: G R @ 2:12 pm
The end of September is nearly here which means Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time for the ethereal spirits of the dead to rise from their burial places and haunt your characters.
Here are five graveyard ghosties ready to drift about your lonely cemetery, abandoned house, or forgotten battlefield.
Each spirit sports a tormented visage. Wails of the damned emanate from their distended mouths.
Perhaps they are trying to seek help from the living to right a wrong in their past life. Or maybe they just enjoy causing fear in whomever they encounter.
These miniatures are sculpted in the 25-28mm game scale. Ghostly spirits can appear in nearly any style of role-playing game or table top miniatures game. Fantasy, horror, pulp, science fiction, they all can be enlivened by a phantom or two.
Visit my store to see more of my painted game miniatures, including other Halloween Horrors for a special fall game session of terror.
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It’s Halloween Time — Zombie Horde Miniatures in 25-28mm Scale
Filed under: Horror, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 6:14 pm
With Halloween fast approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to share some pictures of a painted figure commission project that I just completed. Zombies! A horde of zombies!
And they are not roaming your neighborhood for tricks or treats. No, they want your nice tasty warm brains!
These particular walking dead miniatures are promised to someone already, but you can see more of my painted game figures at my store.
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Zombies in the Hospital Emergency Room 25mm Miniatures
Filed under: Science Fiction, Horror, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Post Apocalypse, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 3:04 pm

The hospital was being swamped with critical care patients from this new flu outbreak. Our poor surgeon was in the Emergency Room when the ambulance arrived with a new batch of victims. On first glance, it looked like the patient had expired in transit. The doctor checked for vital signs, found none, and declared the patient officially dead.

And then the corpse jerked spasmodically, reached up to grab the surgeon and proceeded to take a rending bite from his arm! Now all of his patients are looking rather tasty!

He had come in to the emergency room because he had fallen and hurt his neck. The ER doctor ran some tests, put a brace on his neck and said he would be fine in a couple of days. But that all changed when one of the other ER patients went crazy and started chewing on anyone in sight!

On the plus side, his neck doesn’t seem to hurt anymore. Or maybe he was just too hungry to notice the other pains.

A few more 25mm scale zombie miniatures to add to the hordes of the walking dead!

Visit my store for my painted miniatures.

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Lich Evil Undead Wizard Fantasy Miniature 25 mm Scale Figure
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 1:18 pm

Reduced to a skeletal form and risen from the dead, the lich represents a powerful and evil undead creature.  This magic user called upon very dark powers to undergo his transformation.

The wizard still carries his staff in his right hand, using it as a focus for summoning arcane powers.  But he holds his most treasured possession in his left hand, the magical vessel that contains his life force!

His body has been ravaged by his dark magicks, leaving only its bare bones.  His clothing has deteriorated into rotting shreds.  Yet the glowing points of light in his eye sockets hints at the malevolence of the wizard’s spirit that remains.

The lich strikes terror into the hearts and minds of all adventurers of fantasy worlds.  The fearsome darkness of the soulless creature is well captured in this 25mm scale game miniature figure.

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Office Workers Turned Zombie Hunters in Post Apacalyptic World 25mm Game Miniatures
Filed under: Science Fiction, Horror, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Post Apocalypse, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 8:00 am

Just another day at the office.  Then the zombie infection first appeared in the company’s headquarters in the customer service department. Unfortunately it took a couple of days for anyone to notice!

Then it started to spread throughout the office building (as well as the city). It was pretty rough going for a while, but some of the uninfected local national guardsmen got organized and distributed small arms to any survivors who could make it to the city armory.

Now you’ve traded your briefcase for a military assault rifle. Corporate boardroom politics and infighting has been replaced with  brutal combat against a growing zombie horde! These company workers are trying to make their way through a world tuned upside down.

Richard was Vice President of Accounting. Before the zombie outbreak, he was mostly concerned with maintaining his little corporate fiefdom, counting the beans, protecting his turf. Now he’s worried about protecting his real life. In addition to the assault rifle, he has managed to acquire a hand ax (carried on his belt) and a satchel for carrying some survival gear.

Brad was an up and coming project manager in Computer Security until the zombies made his worry about a whole different “virus” attack. His gear includes a rifle, a machete, military flashlight, and sports backpack.

Gloria loved the challenges of her Corporate Legal job, struggling to survive in a “good old boys” environment. That seems pretty inconsequential as she now turns to fighting for survival in a much realer sense. Still, she has been successful in transferring some skills such as always being aware of what is happening around you, identify the most critical threats, and eliminating said threats decisively in the new world order.

Brad had a solid track record in Marketing and Sales. Released from his high pressure company responsibilities, he can turn his attention to dealing with the walking dead. He only wish he could have dealt with some of his overly demanding customer accounts in such a direct manner. He has converted his briefcase into a shoulder satchel for holding supplies and spare clothes and carries a canteen and entrenching shovel. But he most appreciates the usefulness of his assault rifle and the pistol holstered at his belt.

These 25mm scale miniatures offer a different source of survivors struggling in a your post apocalyptic game world, whether it be zombie infestation, alien invaders, or military conflict leading to the breakdown of civilization.

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Zombies - Walking Dead Want Your Brains - Halloween Horrors 25mm
Filed under: Science Fiction, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Post Apocalypse, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 4:00 pm

Just in time to celebrate the Halloween season, here is a batch of zombies.

Once these cursed creatures were our friends and neighbors, even our family. They led perfectly normal lives, going about the regular daily rituals. But now, they have become the walking dead, roaming the abandoned streets of nearly deserted cities and towns, constantly searching for fresh brains (well, actually any human meat will do) to consume.

Some were members of the business community, toiling away in office buildings.

Others spent their days in classes and their nights at campus parties.

You will notice that there is quite a variation in the skin tones of these zombies. I decided to give the “freshly dead” a fairly normal skin tone with some mottling.

As the zombies “age”, the flesh takes on an increasingly greyish dead tone with the “older” zombies possessing very darkened skin.

Also, the wounds on the older zombies tend to leave a darker, aged blood stain, while the blood on the recently changed is brighter.  Of course, if a zombie has fed recently, there is a presence of brighter blood as well.

Here’s hoping that none of these come “Trick or Treating” at your door on Halloween night – unless you have a bucket of fresh brains to hand out!

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Mounted Undead Skeleton Cavalry Lancer on Skeletal Horse Fantasy 25 mm Figure
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 8:39 am

In conjunction with our previous post on the undead skeleton fighters, I think the warband needs a leader. How about a mounted warrior to direct his “men” (at least they were men once upon a time)?

Of course, the best mount for any undead warrior is an undead creature so that their auras of fear do not interfere with their functions. Our lancer sits atop a reanimated war horse.

The fighter carries a long lance and round shield.

This is a very nice casting in 25 mm scale. The skeletal bones provide a wonderful “canvas” for painting the pair, particularly the war horse.

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Dry Bones Skeleton Undead Warriors Painted Horror Fantasy Miniatures 25 mm
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 6:21 am

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones … One of the most common undead monsters found in fantasy and horror games are skeletons. Raised from the dead to seek revenge, protect cursed treasure, or to do the bidding of an evil necromancer lord. Whatever the reason behind their walking the earth, our boney warriors are always ready to confront your adventurers. Here is a small warband of skeletal fighters charging into battle.

Each is armed with a sword.

These fighters each carry a small shield and wear bits of armor and tattered clothing.

Skeletons can appear from individual fighters to large hordes of undead warriors. They can be employed in nearly any fantasy or horror role-playing game such as Dungeons & Dragons™or table top war game including Warhammer Fantasy™.

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Haunted Graveyard Shade Wraith 28 mm Painted Horror Fantasy Miniature Figure
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 9:10 am

Stalking the lonely graveyard on a moonless night, this frightful spirit has risen from the grave to exact horrible revenge!

Wind swirls its shroud as it stalks toward its victim across the moldering burial ground.

Its body is invisible, but the fear that it causes is almost palpable.

This classic figure can appear in many fantasy or horror RPG gaming scenarios. It can be a simple haunter of graveyards, a bog wraith skirting about misty moors, or even the embodiment of a major supernatural opponent. Whatever the game setting, it should strike terror into the hearts of your adventurers!

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Spectral Ghost Knight with Mace Painted Fantasy D&D Figure
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 4:00 pm

Rising from his grave, this spectral warrior comes to avenge his death, or perhaps to protect a sacred artifact.

None of the knight’s body can be seen, only the items he wore in life: plate mail armor, horned helmet, shield, cloak, and so on. And of course his sturdy mace!

There is even a certain ghostly quality to his clothing, seemingly disappearing into nothingness at the edges.

This 25 mm scale game figure can make a spooky encounter for your player characters. Although designed with a fantasy setting in mind, this miniature could appear in some horror adventures as well.

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