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March 2012
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Classic Pulp Science Fiction Female Space Trooper with Ray Gun 25mm Game Miniature
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Posted by: G R @ 8:52 am

The mid Twentieth Century was the golden age of science fiction when space travel became a possibility in the minds of millions around the world.  Through the pages of the pulp magazines and paperback books, on the giant silver screens in movie theaters, and on the small home television tubes, men and women ventured into the great unknown of space.

Today’s miniature presents a classic science fiction icon in the form of a female space trooper.

As with so many of the early renderings, our heroine wears a tight form fitting uniform, which at least is less revealing than some of the space suits depicted in a less enlightened age.

Unlike many of the weak, defenseless female space travelers who appeared in the early stories, this female trooper possesses a more independent, aggressive personality.  Her facial expression shows a sense of self reliance, her body language indicates self assurance.  Certainly the large ray gun she carries reflects her ability to handle herself in combat.

This game figure is sculpted in 25-mm scale.  It could appear in any science fiction role playing game or miniature war game set in a classic sci fi setting.

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Lich Evil Undead Wizard Fantasy Miniature 25 mm Scale Figure
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Posted by: G R @ 1:18 pm

Reduced to a skeletal form and risen from the dead, the lich represents a powerful and evil undead creature.  This magic user called upon very dark powers to undergo his transformation.

The wizard still carries his staff in his right hand, using it as a focus for summoning arcane powers.  But he holds his most treasured possession in his left hand, the magical vessel that contains his life force!

His body has been ravaged by his dark magicks, leaving only its bare bones.  His clothing has deteriorated into rotting shreds.  Yet the glowing points of light in his eye sockets hints at the malevolence of the wizard’s spirit that remains.

The lich strikes terror into the hearts and minds of all adventurers of fantasy worlds.  The fearsome darkness of the soulless creature is well captured in this 25mm scale game miniature figure.

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Mechanical Death: 1930s Pulp Era Classic Robot Soldier with Ray Gun Science Fiction Miniature 25-32 mm Scale
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Posted by: G R @ 12:59 pm

Robots filled the pages of the classic pulp magazines of the 1930s. Mechanical creations could be found invading the Earth, threatening humankind, and generally eliminating the universe of its organic pests.

Here is a wonderful gaming sculpt that looks like it stepped out of the pages of those early pulp science adventures.

Although there is no facial expressions on the robot’s head, the steadily glowing electronic eyes (along with the large ray gun grasped in its hands) sends the message that it is not a friend.

This game miniature is on a bit of larger scale. It stands about a full 2 inches (50 mm) from the base to the top of its metal head. But it still works with the standard game figures. Here is a size comparison with a 25mm scale figure of Doc Savage (another fine example of pulp goodness).

The robot could be an invader from outer space intent on conquering another planet, or the product of an Earthly mad scientist’s designs for world domination. Whichever, it would make a nice classic addition to your game table.

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Pair of Classic Space Suited Adventurers for Science Fiction Gaming in 25 mm Scale
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Posted by: G R @ 11:41 am

When exploring new worlds, searching for ancient tech among the radioactive mutant lands, or just servicing the old starship in deep space, it is is usually advisable to do so in environmental safety.  Here are two adventurers wearing classic space suits.

The full-body envirosuit is made from a reinforced metallic fabric and comes with a hard helmet.

Armed with a small hand gun, our explorer holds a tool carrier in his left hand.

The suit’s environmental equipment is housed in the large backpack.

Our second spaceman appears to be performing security rather than any technical function.

He is armed with a power rifle of some sort.  The rifle has a targeting scope and is powered from a tank strapped to his side.

A sidearm is holstered at his hip.

These 25-scale miniature figures could readily appear in a science fiction game including Traveller™ and Gamma World™.

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Dwarven Party of Fantasy Adventurers in 25-28 mm Scale
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 8:22 am

Dwarf characters appear in many of the fantasy based role-playing games and appear on the battlefields of miniature war games.  Here is a trio of adventurous dwarves who have chosen to leave their underground bastions to seek glory and treasure in the greater world.

Our first adventurer, and possibly the group’s leader, wields a battleaxe as his primary weapon of choice.  He is outfitted in a complete suit of armor consisting of both chain and plate mail, along with a horned helmet.

His shield bears an intricate stylized dragon design.

He also carries a small war hammer and dagger on his belt. In addition, he comes prepared for a long journey with a backpack, bed roll, and pouches (plus a fine drinking tankard).

The group’s next member is less ornately dressed, but is still ready for action.  He carriers a mighty war hammer which he easily wields with brawny muscles.

He holds a round shield in his left hand.  The shield is embossed with a fire-breathing dragon.

He wears studded leather armor augmented with chain mail.

Third, but certainly not last, is this female dwarf adventurer.  She is armed with a sturdy short sword.

In addition to plate mail and leather armor, she has a shield for protection in combat.

Her long hair is braided down her back to avoid interfering with her sword work in combat.

Dwarves tend to associate with others of their race both at home and on the trail.  This party of adventurers could be found in most fantasy settings.

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