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March 2012
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Dwarven Party of Fantasy Adventurers in 25-28 mm Scale
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Posted by: G R @ 8:22 am

Dwarf characters appear in many of the fantasy based role-playing games and appear on the battlefields of miniature war games.  Here is a trio of adventurous dwarves who have chosen to leave their underground bastions to seek glory and treasure in the greater world.

Our first adventurer, and possibly the group’s leader, wields a battleaxe as his primary weapon of choice.  He is outfitted in a complete suit of armor consisting of both chain and plate mail, along with a horned helmet.

His shield bears an intricate stylized dragon design.

He also carries a small war hammer and dagger on his belt. In addition, he comes prepared for a long journey with a backpack, bed roll, and pouches (plus a fine drinking tankard).

The group’s next member is less ornately dressed, but is still ready for action.  He carriers a mighty war hammer which he easily wields with brawny muscles.

He holds a round shield in his left hand.  The shield is embossed with a fire-breathing dragon.

He wears studded leather armor augmented with chain mail.

Third, but certainly not last, is this female dwarf adventurer.  She is armed with a sturdy short sword.

In addition to plate mail and leather armor, she has a shield for protection in combat.

Her long hair is braided down her back to avoid interfering with her sword work in combat.

Dwarves tend to associate with others of their race both at home and on the trail.  This party of adventurers could be found in most fantasy settings.

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