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July 2018
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A Miniature Mi-Go the Fungi from Yuggoth from H. P. Lovecraft’s Classic Cthulhu Mythos in 28mm Scale
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Posted by: G R @ 3:44 pm

Meet a Mi-Go, one of the alien races created by H. P. Lovecraft in his Cthulhu Mythos.

Hailing from the distant planet Yuggoth, the Mi-Go are thought to be based on the biology of a fungus as that is the closest it can be described by human’s limited understanding of the odd molecular-level differences found in the Mi-Go body. However, the Mi-Go possess advanced scientific knowledge and skills in tissue manipulation which allows them cast their own bodies in many forms. Here is one of the more common forms which appears to be crustacean in design. The bat-like wings allow the creature to travel freely through the aether between planets.
The mass of tentacle-like appendages on the head produce a range of light emissions which appears to allow the Mi-Go to communicate with others of its kind.
This game miniature is based on a 1-1/2 inch (38 mm) disk.The 25mm human figure is shown to give an idea of scale.
The sculptor has done a nice job of capturing the Mi-go’s alien appearance. Although the Mi-Go originate in horror fiction and are used in the Call of Cthulhu™ horror role-playing game, they could just as well appear as creatures in science fiction and fantasy game worlds.
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Horrors From the Deep: H. P. Lovecraft’s Deep Ones 25-28mm Miniature Monsters
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Posted by: G R @ 11:43 am

These ocean-dwelling creatures are straight from H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

Amphibious in nature, they are capable of leaving the sea for brief periods of time to interact with their human allies or to attack their enemies. Cthulhu investigators need to be wary of these creatures in coastal areas around the world.

Worshipers of Father Dagon and Mother Hydra. They live in their watery cities deep beneath the waves.

These 25-28mm scale figures stand somewhat taller than the average human. The sculptor has done a nice job of capturing the inhuman sentience of the creatures.

These miniatures can be used in any Call of Cthulhu™ game. They could easily appear in many other horror, fantasy and science fiction games, both role-playing and table top wargames.

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Rat Man Shaman Cleric with Staff and Sword Fantasy Miniature Figure 25-28mm Scale
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Posted by: G R @ 9:17 am

Rat men populations can be found in many fantasy gaming worlds. These intelligent creatures form fairly complex societies. This individual is a shaman for his nest.

He carries a staff in his right hand. This is a symbol of his leadership position in his clan. The staff is adorned with various religious totems including an ancestral skull and a small metal bell.

Unlike the religious members in many human societies, the rat man cleric is not prohibited from the use of blade weapons in combat as proven by the nasty sword he wields in his left hand.

Rat men can provide interesting encounters in many fantasy role-playing games. In fact, for those game systems that allow it, why not include a rat man in your adventuring party of Player Characters for some different player interactions?

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Greater Orc Warrior With Sword and Shield 25mm Fantasy Miniature
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Posted by: G R @ 3:30 pm

Let’s start off 2017 with this big nasty fantasy character!

Larger than man-size, Greater Orcs make for fierce opponents on the fantasy battlefield. Their size and strength often lets them simply overpower lesser fighters.

This Greater Orc warrior carries a sword and shield into battle. His shield is wooden faced with metal plates.

He wears studded leather armor over a chainmail coat. Additional protection in battle is afforded by his spiked helmet with chainmail side coverings.

He also carries a curved dagger in a sheath on his belt.

The sculptor has really captured the offensive and frightening character of this Greater Orc fighter with the primal battle roar coming from his wide open mouth.

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Giant Cavern Worm Dungeon Monster for 25-28mm Fantasy Miniatures Games
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Posted by: G R @ 1:27 pm

Deep in a dark dungeon, a party of adventurers pauses to survey the dim corridor stretching in front of them. Even in the flickering glow of their torches, the way appears clear and inviting. Cautiously they move forward in search of treasure. A soundless vibration moves through the passage, a too brief warning… Suddenly, the surface of the corridor cracks apart, flat floor stones shifting and rising. A large creature bursts from beneath the floor of the corridor, scattering stone and dirt in all directions! Rearing above the adventurers’ heads, the giant cavern worm senses its prey. Its large mouth opens to reveal rows of sharp fangs that can impale its prey and draw the unfortunate victim into the creature’s stomach.

I chose to paint the monster in grub-like colors. Not unlike some of the small grubs that inhabit our lawns, feeding on the tender roots of grass.

To give the impression of the creature rising from a dungeon corridor, I crafted a base with flat floor stones being pushed up and falling away at all angles. I also added soil and rocks sliding down the worm’s sides as it rises above the floor.

This miniature provides a great large monster to confront the player characters and NPCs in a fantasy role-playing encounter. It could also be used in a horror or science fiction scenario. The figure stands 2-3/4 inches (70 mm) so it towers over the average 25-28 mm scale miniatures. The base measures 2 inches (50 mm) across.

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Goblin Archer Warband 25mm Scale Fantasy Miniatures
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Posted by: G R @ 1:49 pm

Goblins, those ever annoying little fighters, can appear in many fantasy game campaigns. Individually, a goblin usually does not present much of a challenge to the average adventurer. But, put them together in a larger group and they become more than just an annoyance. Arm them with ranged weapons such as bows and they can do some serious damage to your party.

I recently completed a commission project that included a decent sized warband of Goblin archers. Here are some sample figures from the group.

Goblin archer #1:

Goblin archer #2:

Goblin archer #3:

Goblin archer #4:

For smaller scale miniatures, these goblins possess a good level of detail. The sculptor has done a nice job of giving each its own distinctive face and clothing. These 25mm-scale figures could find a place in any fantasy role-playing scenario or as part of a troop force in table top miniatures war gaming.

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Rat Men Warriors 25mm Scale Fantasy Game Miniatures
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Posted by: G R @ 11:33 am

Rats are common in nearly every fantasy game world. But some worlds allow their basic rats to evolve into something much more interesting — rat men! Yes, these creatures represent a grand step for ratkind. These creatures acquire human-like language, wear rough clothing, even fashion and use tools (including weapons). Social creatures with individual personalities, rat men can provide some fun fantasy role-playing encounters for your adventuring heroes.

Our first rat man warrior wears a hooded cowl and wields a wicked curved sword. He uses a small round shield for protection.

This rat man has decided to use a bow in combat. He also carries a dagger sheathed at his belt.

Here is another fighter who uses a sword. He also has a wooden shield reinforced with a decorative metal plate.

Our last rat man warrior carries a bow along with a dagger. He wears a distinctive leather cap.

These 25mm scale game miniatures have nice details including distinctive facial features. I have based them with my basic woodland material plus some static grass tufts

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Them! Attack of the Giant Radioactive Ants Miniatures for 15 to 28 mm War Games
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Posted by: G R @ 3:22 pm

The 1954 movie Them! was one of the best science fiction movies from the 1950s. Filmed in black and white, it followed the discovery of giant mutated ants that were the unintended result of early nuclear weapons testing in New Mexico. The expanding colonies threatened to take over the world. It was one of the first giant insect sci fi movies that appeared in the middle of the 20th century.

In the same vein, here are some giant ants to terrorize the denizens of your game world. First we have a group of worker ants. The one at the far right is emerging from the entrance to the underground colony.

Then there is the larger Queen ant!

Uh oh, our unlucky 25mm soldier has found himself confronted by several of the creatures!

Here are photos of the ants with a 15 mm scale science fiction soldier miniature.

These over sized monsters would be right at home in many science fiction, fantasy, pulp and post apocalyptic game worlds. In particular they would make for an exciting Halloween horror scenario!

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Giant Barbarian Warrior with Battle Axes 25mm Scale Fantasy Game Miniature
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Posted by: G R @ 4:37 pm

Towering over his opponent, this giant barbarian fighter is fierce in battle. He wields two large battle axes to hack his foes to pieces.

For protection, this mighty warrior wears a variety of custom fitted plate mail armor. Although this does leave a lot of his skin exposed, he is a tough fighter. Several recent wounds that would have downed a human combatant have been tended to and sewn up without any significant adverse effect to his combat readiness.

In addition, pieces of animal skins (complete with heads) and other leather armor help to add to his barbarian appearance. He has mounted the skull of a vanquished non-human enemy to the front of his armor.

An iron color with padlocks rings his neck, possibly used by his “master” to keep this formidable fighter under control until released into battle.

A fine example of brawn being favored over brains in combat. But don’t mistake his somewhat vacant stare to mean he is particularly dim-witted in a fight. You do so at your own peril!

This large game figure stands 2-5/8 inches (66 mm) to the top of his raised axe. Here he faces a standard human 25-28mm knight. Guaranteed to grab the attention of players in any fantasy role-playing encounter. He would make quite the vanguard for your army in any table top war game as well.

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H. P. Lovecraft Horror Miniature Colour Out of Space Monster
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Posted by: G R @ 12:14 pm

This miniature creature is based on the German film “Die Farbe” which tells the H. P. Lovecraft horror story of “The Colour Out Of Space“.

Brought to Earth in a meteorite, this microscopic extraterrestrial life form slowly penetrates into the surrounding soil. In time, it begins to infect the local flora and fauna, causing all sorts of physical changes. The invader also causes severe mental aberrations in Terran life forms from the lowest insect level to humans.

Tiny bits of the life form (perhaps individual cells of a greater whole) slowly rise out of the earth, joining together to form the greater creature. The creature casts a unearthly color radiation that is not found within the normal human spectrum. (The movie directors chose to use a pinkish glow to represent the “colour”.) The eventual effects lead to victims crumbling into grey dust.

This handmade miniature attempts to show the alien life form as it begins to join together and rises out of the soil. The 25mm scale game miniature gives you a sense of scale. The base of the monster measures 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter.

This Lovecraftian horror can provide a true terror to confront your player characters in a Call of Cthulhuadventure. It can be used likewise in fantasy and science fiction scenarios as well.

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