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August 2020
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Trio of Painted Miniature Call of Cthulhu Investigators in 25mm Scale
Filed under: Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 3:55 pm
The whispers from the Elder Gods span the globe. Signs of the Great Old Ones and their minions can appear in every corner of our little planet. Here is a trio of steadfast investigators who spread across the world, daring to walk into the most remote areas in their pursuit of knowledge of the Lovecraft Mythos.
Clad in heavy protective clothing, our first investigator searches the barren wind-swept expanses of the polar regions. Constantly using his binoculars to seek out small, unusual tell-tale signs on the horizon and known landmarks that appear on his rough maps. The bone-chilling cold climate may make the human presence in the Arctic and Antarctic a mere spec on the white landscape, but other beings may still be found hidden within the frozen wastelands.
Our second explorer walks a much warmer environment, the great continent of Africa. Suffering both the parched, heat-soaked desert areas and the humid, dark jungles, he seeks out any evidence of the Outre. The ruined towers of ancient cities rise from the shifting sand dunes before disappearing again below the water-less sea. He follows rumors of unearthly structures hidden within the impenetrable green jungles. Our investigator is armed with a large bore hunting rifle, a heavy revolver, and a sharp knife should he be confronted by unfriendly natives or the more deadly creatures drawn from other dimensions.
Finally, our last traveler plies the rolling waves of the South Pacific. Following the rare mention of strange things, he visits remote islands, both those on the regular shipping lanes and those rising from uncharted waters. Armed with both a gritty determination and a semiautomatic pistol, he searches for proof of things that Man is not meant to know.
Each of these investigators could appear in many horror role-playing scenarios, including those of Call of Cthulhu™.
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Painted Miniature Abominable Snowman Yeti Monster in 25-28mm Scale
Filed under: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 11:41 am

A large shadow moves in the swirling snow storm. Suddenly, a furred beast bursts from the white landscape, an inhuman roar crashes across the frozen land!

It is the mythical Abominable Snowman and he is very unhappy that you have dared to enter his domain

The creature’s coloration allows it to blend in with the snowy environment. Its natural camouflage makes it very difficult to detect the monster at any distance.
The Yeti possesses deadly claws on its hands and feet that are capable of inflicting severe damage. As seen in the pictures, the creature also has large dangerous teeth and it’s bite can easily shred clothing and body tissue. Even armor cannot hold up to repeated assaults by this powerful monster.
This creature is large and will tower over most 25-28 mm scale human figures. It stands about 1-7/8 inches (48 mm) to the top of its head. The base measures 1-1/2 inches (38 mm) in diameter.
The Yeti can appear in  many game settings. It could be used in fantasy, horror, science fiction, pulp action, and super hero role-playing adventures and table top miniature war games.

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Horrors From the Deep: H. P. Lovecraft’s Deep Ones 25-28mm Miniature Monsters
Filed under: Fantasy, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 11:43 am

These ocean-dwelling creatures are straight from H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

Amphibious in nature, they are capable of leaving the sea for brief periods of time to interact with their human allies or to attack their enemies. Cthulhu investigators need to be wary of these creatures in coastal areas around the world.

Worshipers of Father Dagon and Mother Hydra. They live in their watery cities deep beneath the waves.

These 25-28mm scale figures stand somewhat taller than the average human. The sculptor has done a nice job of capturing the inhuman sentience of the creatures.

These miniatures can be used in any Call of Cthulhu™ game. They could easily appear in many other horror, fantasy and science fiction games, both role-playing and table top wargames.

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Treasure Hordes for 20 to 30 mm Role-playing and War Games
Filed under: General, Fantasy, Pulp, 25-28 mm, Pirates, Scratchbuilt
Posted by: G R @ 9:13 am

A bit of a departure from our usual fare. Although not exactly a miniature figure, these small scenery pieces are pretty related to our regular topic so I hope you find them of interest.

Treasure! Gold, gems, magical items!  It’s what every adventurer hopes to find!

These custom-made painted scenery pieces can be used as objective markers for your 20-30mm fantasy tabletop war gaming such as Warhammer Fantasy. They can also be used in many role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

The base of each treasure measures about 1-1/4 inches (32 mm) in diameter. Here is one of the treasure hoards shown with a 25mm scale miniature to give you an idea of size.

These treasure piles and other miniature scenery pieces can be found at my store along with my painted figures. If you have an interest in miniature scenery and terrain, you can find much more information on my Universal Terrain blog.

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1920-1930s Criminal Gang Members for 25-28mm Scale Miniatures Games
Filed under: Pulp, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 5:48 am

Last time we got to meet some of the run of the mill street thugs that could turn up in your 1920-1930s miniatures games. Today we will move up a few steps in the criminal hierarchy. Here are members of a small underworld gang who have tackled some more organized criminal activities.

The gang leader is the brains of the outfit. He is the one who thinks things through and plans the gang’s activities. Of course, he is willing to resort to a more hands-on approach when needed as indicated by his choice of a pump shotgun.

Bank robberies bring a good amount of cash flow to the gang’s coffers. Here is a member fully decked out in his work clothes for making surprise bank withdrawals, including the face mask and small semiautomatic pistol.

Some situations may require a heavier punch. That is when the gang brings out the BAR Browning Automatic Rifle! This comes in handy for convincing a truck driver that it is time for his cargo to be transferred to new ownership, or to inflict heavy damage on a competitor’s brewery operations!

These 25-28mm scale figures perform well in any pulp gangland styled miniatures game. They can also be useful as characters involved in red-herring subplots of Call of Cthulhurole-playing adventures.

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1920-30s Street Thugs 25-28mm Miniatures for Pulp Games and Call of Cthulhu
Filed under: Pulp, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 3:05 pm

In my last post, I introduced the Boys in Blue municipal policemen from the 1920-30s. Since the long arm of the law needs some opponents to make life in the city interesting, let’s start with a few common street thugs. These guys are always watching out for unwelcome competitors wandering into their territory.

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Everyone loves the game. Of course, some of the rougher boys on the street recognize the multi-purpose uses for the bat. Makes a great tool for cracking some heads!

Naturally, the simple, but classic small blade is always popular with the tough guys. Readily stashed to avoid unwanted attention, but easy to put into use.

And some times, you just have to bring out some specialized equipment, like this double barrel shotgun!

As with the previous coppers, these figures are designed for 25-30mm scale miniatures games. They can easily look good standing around the street corners of early 20th Century towns and cities in Pulp and Call of Cthulhugames.

Next time we will look at some of the higher level bad guys.

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Boys in Blue 25mm Miniature 1920-30s Policemen for Pulp and Call of Cthulhu Games
Filed under: Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 9:50 am

Meet the Boys in Blue! These municipal policemen stand between the city’s regular citizens and the forces of evil. Whether it be the run of the mill local thieves, organized crime, and other social malcontents, or the crazed minions of Cthulhu-worshiping cults, the cops stand ready to serve and protect.

These officers of the law wear the longcoats and peaked hats found in many police departments in the 1920s and 1930s America.

They carry a variety of weapons. The traditional billy club and service revolver are common accessories used on the daily beat. But when the situation calls for it, the police can draw more powerful weapons from their armory, including shotguns, rifles and even fully automatic Thompson submachine guns!

Here are some close-up shots of individual officers.

These 25mm scale miniature figures would be right at home in many role-playing games and table top miniature games. From the historically realistic crime capers to the supernatural dangers found in Call of Cthulhu™.

Watch for future blog entries that will highlight some of the forces aligned against the Boys in Blue!

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Crazed Cultists for 25mm Miniature Gaming
Filed under: Fantasy, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 9:50 am

Your local cultists are looking for new members. Come on down to the local summoning grounds and meet up with your robed pals. Stand around the ancient stones and sing those great old chants. Fun and games… at least until one of the Elder Gods appears!

Here is a large group of hooded cultists from a custom painting order I just completed. First thing, everyone gets into the proper mood with the initiates intoning a few low key chants while standing around a tall summoning stone.

Then the main event begins when the cult leaders show up to start the really big show. First there is the reading from the sacred tomes of knowledge. A few special artifacts get to be revealed (skull, sacramental cup). Sacrificial knives are pulled and things really heat up.

Then there is the women’s special branch to bring their particular energies to the meeting.

These are 25mm-scale miniatures. All of the figures are painted in similar colors to create the image of group cohesion. The bases are finished in outdoor soil and leaves. The figures can be used in a variety of gaming scenarios. They could represent medieval penitents in a fantasy world, devil worshipers in a Gothic horror setting, or fanatical followers in a pulp adventure. All just waiting for your band of righteous adventurers to show up and disrupt the ceremonies.

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Them! Attack of the Giant Radioactive Ants Miniatures for 15 to 28 mm War Games
Filed under: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, 15-20 mm, Post Apocalypse, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 3:22 pm

The 1954 movie Them! was one of the best science fiction movies from the 1950s. Filmed in black and white, it followed the discovery of giant mutated ants that were the unintended result of early nuclear weapons testing in New Mexico. The expanding colonies threatened to take over the world. It was one of the first giant insect sci fi movies that appeared in the middle of the 20th century.

In the same vein, here are some giant ants to terrorize the denizens of your game world. First we have a group of worker ants. The one at the far right is emerging from the entrance to the underground colony.

Then there is the larger Queen ant!

Uh oh, our unlucky 25mm soldier has found himself confronted by several of the creatures!

Here are photos of the ants with a 15 mm scale science fiction soldier miniature.

These over sized monsters would be right at home in many science fiction, fantasy, pulp and post apocalyptic game worlds. In particular they would make for an exciting Halloween horror scenario!

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Victorian British Servants with Weapons 25mm Painted Game Miniatures
Filed under: Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, Victorian Science Fiction, Steampunk
Posted by: G R @ 10:09 am

Time to meet the staff. You will notice that we run a tight ship here on the manor. The servants are prepared to protect the manor house from all sorts of unwelcome visitors, including rough vagrants, agents of criminal masterminds, even the servitors of the Great Old Ones.

First off we have the butler. He is the chief servant and supervises the rest of the household staff. He also manages his Lordship’s extensive gun collection. As his eyes have lost a bit of their sharpness in later life, he has selected a sturdy double barreled shotgun to make up for slightly diminished combat skills.

Our maid handles much of the general housework about the place. She is as ready to wield her shotgun as a duster. Besides, she is quite capable of cleaning up those nasty messes made by her weapon of choice. Getting the blood stains (human or otherwise) out of the parlor carpet is a snap for her, particularly when the blood is freshly spilt.

As coachman, our man is busy with many duties around the manor house, including setting the table ware for the family and guests. He is also quite capable with his rifle in dissuading unwanted guests.

Last, but not least, is Cook. A marvel in the kitchen in preparing many wondrous dishes. She also is handy at applying her rolling pin to the heads of any miscreant who enters her domain. When harsher punishment is called for, she is rather handy with a revolver.

Never under estimate the value of good help.

These 25mm scale miniatures work well as secondary characters in many historical periods from the late 18002 to the early 20th Century.  They would be comfortable in game genres from Victorian Pulp, Steampunk, Call of Cthulhu™ and others.

Visit my store to see my painted miniatures.

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