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September 2011
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Research Station Clean-up Crew in Bio Suits Hunting Zombies Post Apocalyspse 25mm Miniatures
Filed under: Science Fiction, Horror, 25-28 mm, Zombies, Post Apocalypse
Posted by: G R @ 6:10 pm

As soon as the emergency signal was received from the remote underground research station, all further contact was lost. Following emergency protocol, Headquarters sends in an “clean-up crew” whose mission is to to enter the sealed station, identify the cause of the shut down, and sanitize any “mess” they find.

The nature of the research being conducted at the station necessitates that the team be outfitted in complete bio suits for protection against possible contamination.

The scientific leader of the team carries a sensor to detect possible dangerous organisms that may be on the loose in the laboratories.

The rest of the team consists of military special forces and are armed with military assault rifles.

The possible scenarios for putting the team of 25mm scale figures on the game board range from a simple chemical spill, to a mutating virus, to a full-fledged zombie breakout!

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Halloween Horror Crypt Bat Demon on Gravestone Miniature
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 6:51 am

Visiting a lonely graveyard late on Halloween night can introduce you to all manner of new friends (or fiends). Here is someone (or something) just waiting to make your acquaintance.

Perched atop a grave marker, this crypt bat is posed to strike!

His large bat-like wings allow him to move silently through the air. His dark brown body lets him hide amongst the shadows with ease.

But this is not a mindless animal. There is a distinct evil intelligence behind those red eyes, making him all the more deadly opponent.

The creature wears a loincloth that is adorned with golden links. Around his neck hangs a necklace fashioned from the skull and talons of an earlier victim.

A nice 25 to 28 mm scale miniature that captures the strength and danger of the monster. It could appear in many genres of role-playing games including fantasy, horror and pulp action.

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Mounted Undead Skeleton Cavalry Lancer on Skeletal Horse Fantasy 25 mm Figure
Filed under: Fantasy, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 8:39 am

In conjunction with our previous post on the undead skeleton fighters, I think the warband needs a leader. How about a mounted warrior to direct his “men” (at least they were men once upon a time)?

Of course, the best mount for any undead warrior is an undead creature so that their auras of fear do not interfere with their functions. Our lancer sits atop a reanimated war horse.

The fighter carries a long lance and round shield.

This is a very nice casting in 25 mm scale. The skeletal bones provide a wonderful “canvas” for painting the pair, particularly the war horse.

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