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August 2023
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Village Mob Armed With Pitchforks and Torches and More 28mm Painted Horror Game Miniatures
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Posted by: G R @ 10:40 am
Torches, pitchforks, and more, oh my! The peasants are revolting! These characters often make an appearance in classic horror films and stories including miniature games.
Well, our mad doctor has finally done it. His experiments may have challenged the limits of scientific knowledge, but his methods have certainly caused fear to spread through the neighboring village. The townfolk are taking matters into their own hands. Here come the angry villagers approaching to air their grievances by force if necessary.
The Doctor would be well served to address the mob’s demands, particularly considering the many flammable chemicals his laboratory is filled with.
These plastic 28mm scale figures are ready to appear in many horror role playing games including pulp action and Call of Cthulhu. They can also be used to add an interesting group to your troops in tabletop wargaming.
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Armed Frontier Colonists in 28mm Scale for Science Fiction RPGs and TTGs Like Stargrave, Traveller and Five Parsecs From Home
Filed under: Science Fiction, 25-28 mm, All contents including pictures Copyright 2010-2024, Scratchbuilt
Posted by: G R @ 9:48 am

Colonizing a new planet is not for the weak. In most instances it means long years of toil on the frontier of an untamed world. Sometimes colonists face aggressive native species; sometime the danger comes from age old clashes brought within the human community. New colony worlds can also become the target for roving space pirates intent on raiding small colonies for valuable plunder. The need for basic defense is common.
Often the struggling settlements possess only low-tech small arms because of the cost of importing and maintaining higher-tech weapons. In times of trouble, this group of colonists carries an assortment of slug throwers from handguns to shotguns.

I chose to paint the figures with muted colors. The head coverings and clothing accents are painted in a similar color to suggest the characters belong to a particular family, clan or community.
These 28mm-scale miniatures are kitbashed from models by different manufacturers. They could be used in a variety of science fiction role-playing and table top miniature games including Stargrave™ and Five Parsecs From Home™.
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