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July 2024
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Victorian British Servants with Weapons 25mm Painted Game Miniatures
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Posted by: G R @ 10:09 am

Time to meet the staff. You will notice that we run a tight ship here on the manor. The servants are prepared to protect the manor house from all sorts of unwelcome visitors, including rough vagrants, agents of criminal masterminds, even the servitors of the Great Old Ones.

First off we have the butler. He is the chief servant and supervises the rest of the household staff. He also manages his Lordship’s extensive gun collection. As his eyes have lost a bit of their sharpness in later life, he has selected a sturdy double barreled shotgun to make up for slightly diminished combat skills.

Our maid handles much of the general housework about the place. She is as ready to wield her shotgun as a duster. Besides, she is quite capable of cleaning up those nasty messes made by her weapon of choice. Getting the blood stains (human or otherwise) out of the parlor carpet is a snap for her, particularly when the blood is freshly spilt.

As coachman, our man is busy with many duties around the manor house, including setting the table ware for the family and guests. He is also quite capable with his rifle in dissuading unwanted guests.

Last, but not least, is Cook. A marvel in the kitchen in preparing many wondrous dishes. She also is handy at applying her rolling pin to the heads of any miscreant who enters her domain. When harsher punishment is called for, she is rather handy with a revolver.

Never under estimate the value of good help.

These 25mm scale miniatures work well as secondary characters in many historical periods from the late 18002 to the early 20th Century.  They would be comfortable in game genres from Victorian Pulp, Steampunk, Call of Cthulhu™ and others.

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