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May 2023
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Science Fiction Miniature Crew in Vac Suits for 28mm Stargrave and Five Parsecs From Home
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Posted by: G R @ 1:22 pm
Sometimes you need to board another spaceship in the void of space. Or maybe you have to conduct a salvage mission on a world with an inhospitable atmosphere. You just need to don your vac suit to get on with the job at hand.
These three crew members are wearing light weight vac suits. The suits are orange for better visibility in darkened or obscured environs. Each suit has a scratch built environmental backpack providing basic life support.
The pilot carries a laser pistol. The technician holds a datapad and tool. The security officer is armed with a power rifle.
These 28mm scale miniatures can be utilized in many science fiction role-playing games and table top wargames, including Stargrave™ and Five Parsecs From Home™.
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Cargo Handling Robots for 25-28mm Science Fiction Miniature Table Top Games
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Posted by: G R @ 10:53 am
So, you are the captain of a small starship. You earn part of your revenue by moving cargo between planets. Consider adding some Cargo Bots to your crew.
These lower-tech robots can simplify the job of loading and unloading cargo, particularly for smaller vessels. Once given their instructions, they can be left on their own to complete the job while you and your organic crew perform higher priority assignments.
They are also very useful in retrieving cargo from derelicts being salvaged (or by the unscrupulous space pirate, to secure newly “liberated” cargo).
These game miniatures stand about 1-1/8 inches (28 mm) tall, including the base.
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Small Battlefield Recon Snooper Drone for 25-28 mm Scale Table Top Wargames
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Posted by: G R @ 3:57 pm
Reconnaissance of the battlefield has been an invaluable aid to victory since the dawn of warfare. It will remain an important factor in battles far into the future.
Introducing a small battlefield recon drone for your futuristic games. This unit can be deployed to investigate activity on the field.
Moving nearly soundlessly on whisper fans, it is capable of relaying a variety of data back to its home base or to soldiers in the field. The drone can determine the location and size of enemy positions, intercept both verbal and electronic communications, even sniff out dangerous chemical, biological or radiation weapons.
The drone is designed for 25-28 mm scale table top miniature wargames. The base measures 1 inch (25mm) in diameter. The miniature stands about 1-7/8 inches (47 mm) tall.
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The Cult of the Red Hood 25-28mm Scale Fantasy or Pulp Game Miniatures
Filed under: Fantasy, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 11:24 am
Introducing the Cult of the Red Hood! This group of evil cultists seeks to summon a demon from the nether world, known only by its common name Red Hood. The members can be identified by the black and red vestments worn during their dark ceremonies.
Here we have two of the leaders of the cult. Merdoc, the cult’s Grand Priest, wears the symbolic red hood itself. He carries the Staff of Red Hood along with an arcane volume containing the cult’s most secret rites. (This figure is a custom altered miniature.) Standing next to him is Avalin, the High Priestess. Her red hood is a badge of her role as the second in command.
Two Servitor Priests are also represented. Both wear red vestments announcing their positions. Brother Tomlin reads from one of the cult’s lesser tomes while Brother Bathor wields a ceremonial dagger used in the cult’s sacrificial rites.
These cult figures could appear in various miniature gaming settings including Fantasy, Horror and Pulp Action role-playing and table top miniatures wargames.
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Evil Cultists For Halloween Pulp Horror Games Like Call of Cthulhu 25mm Scale
Filed under: Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 4:02 pm
Scattered clouds scuttle across the dark night sky on a special Halloween night. Not only is the rare full moon shining in all its glory as the witching hour approaches, but the stars are finally aligned! It is time for the cultists to assemble and perform their ancient rite to summon an Elder God!
These cultist minions are decked out in their best robes and hoods to usher in a new reality of terror.
Some of the followers carry flaming torches to illuminate the evil rite.
Other members of the cult are armed to prevent any foolish interloper from interrupting the ceremony. They are armed with Thompson sub machine guns! Enough firepower to dissuade those meddlesome investigators from Miskatonic University who have been asking too many questions lately.
These 25mm scale miniature figures would make fine cultists in many pulp horror role-playing games such as Call of Cthulhu.
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Ghostly Spirits Rise From the Game Board in Time for Halloween Scares - 25-28mm Scale Phantoms
Filed under: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, Victorian Science Fiction, Steampunk, Post Apocalypse, Monsters, Undead
Posted by: G R @ 2:12 pm
The end of September is nearly here which means Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time for the ethereal spirits of the dead to rise from their burial places and haunt your characters.
Here are five graveyard ghosties ready to drift about your lonely cemetery, abandoned house, or forgotten battlefield.
Each spirit sports a tormented visage. Wails of the damned emanate from their distended mouths.
Perhaps they are trying to seek help from the living to right a wrong in their past life. Or maybe they just enjoy causing fear in whomever they encounter.
These miniatures are sculpted in the 25-28mm game scale. Ghostly spirits can appear in nearly any style of role-playing game or table top miniatures game. Fantasy, horror, pulp, science fiction, they all can be enlivened by a phantom or two.
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Trio of Painted Miniature Call of Cthulhu Investigators in 25mm Scale
Filed under: Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 3:55 pm
The whispers from the Elder Gods span the globe. Signs of the Great Old Ones and their minions can appear in every corner of our little planet. Here is a trio of steadfast investigators who spread across the world, daring to walk into the most remote areas in their pursuit of knowledge of the Lovecraft Mythos.
Clad in heavy protective clothing, our first investigator searches the barren wind-swept expanses of the polar regions. Constantly using his binoculars to seek out small, unusual tell-tale signs on the horizon and known landmarks that appear on his rough maps. The bone-chilling cold climate may make the human presence in the Arctic and Antarctic a mere spec on the white landscape, but other beings may still be found hidden within the frozen wastelands.
Our second explorer walks a much warmer environment, the great continent of Africa. Suffering both the parched, heat-soaked desert areas and the humid, dark jungles, he seeks out any evidence of the Outre. The ruined towers of ancient cities rise from the shifting sand dunes before disappearing again below the water-less sea. He follows rumors of unearthly structures hidden within the impenetrable green jungles. Our investigator is armed with a large bore hunting rifle, a heavy revolver, and a sharp knife should he be confronted by unfriendly natives or the more deadly creatures drawn from other dimensions.
Finally, our last traveler plies the rolling waves of the South Pacific. Following the rare mention of strange things, he visits remote islands, both those on the regular shipping lanes and those rising from uncharted waters. Armed with both a gritty determination and a semiautomatic pistol, he searches for proof of things that Man is not meant to know.
Each of these investigators could appear in many horror role-playing scenarios, including those of Call of Cthulhu™.
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Warbots: Robotic Death Units for 25 to 28mm Scale Science Fiction Miniatures Wargaming
Filed under: Science Fiction, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 1:01 pm
Warfare has always resulted in technological advances being introduced to the battlefield. The advent of artificial intelligence allows for the creation of autonomous mobile “warriors” to be used in combat roles.
Here are a few battlefield robots, or “warbots“, ready for your 25-28mm scale table top and role-playing miniatures games. In addition to battlefield combat missions, these units are used in perimeter security roles for strategic installations.
The WB132 Warbot is a wheeled gun robotic soldier fielding a single large caliber weapon. It is commonly referred to as “Cyclops” because of its singular sensor mounted in the unit’s “head”.
Another wheeled warbot, the WB133 is based on a quad-wheeled chassis. Nicknamed “Wardog“, the WB133 features a single large caliber turret gun. Numerous sloped and angled armor plates protect the unit’s body.
Finally, we have the WB134 which uses an advanced anti-grav propulsion system. This allows this warbot greatly extended maneuverability over a wide range of battlefield terrain. The nearly soundless propulsion has caused the unit to be dubbed “Ghost” for its ability to move silently, appearing without warning from smoking battlefields. Its firepower comes from a dual-barrel energy weapon.
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Painted Miniature Abominable Snowman Yeti Monster in 25-28mm Scale
Filed under: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 11:41 am

A large shadow moves in the swirling snow storm. Suddenly, a furred beast bursts from the white landscape, an inhuman roar crashes across the frozen land!

It is the mythical Abominable Snowman and he is very unhappy that you have dared to enter his domain

The creature’s coloration allows it to blend in with the snowy environment. Its natural camouflage makes it very difficult to detect the monster at any distance.
The Yeti possesses deadly claws on its hands and feet that are capable of inflicting severe damage. As seen in the pictures, the creature also has large dangerous teeth and it’s bite can easily shred clothing and body tissue. Even armor cannot hold up to repeated assaults by this powerful monster.
This creature is large and will tower over most 25-28 mm scale human figures. It stands about 1-7/8 inches (48 mm) to the top of its head. The base measures 1-1/2 inches (38 mm) in diameter.
The Yeti can appear in  many game settings. It could be used in fantasy, horror, science fiction, pulp action, and super hero role-playing adventures and table top miniature war games.

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Wizard’s Apprentice Carrying Pile of Magical Scrolls 25mm Scale Fantasy Miniature
Filed under: Fantasy, 25-28 mm
Posted by: G R @ 3:07 pm
Great wizards are not born, they spend an enormous amount of time studying magic and its workings. They usually start their arcane careers by apprenticing themselves to an established magic user. In most cases, apprenticing means handling a lot of mundane tasks for their teachers.
Here we have a young female apprentice hoping to learn the magical arts.
Sometimes, the job requires the student to do simple tasks, such as running to the master’s library and collecting the pile of scrolls necessary for her next spell session.
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