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October 2013
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Creepy Crawling Abominations with Tentacles Halloween Horrors 25mm
Filed under: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pulp, Horror, 25-28 mm, 15-20 mm, Post Apocalypse, Monsters
Posted by: G R @ 8:34 am

Something is slithering about in the dark corners of the laboratory! Soft squishy sounds come from the shadows.

What has our little mad scientist been creating under the full moon in time for Halloween?  Some “trick” for the local children to discover when they come trick or treating at the doctor’s door?

Tentacled terrors to haunt the dreams of any sane person, that is for certain. Experimental Life Form 1 exhibits signs of high intelligence, just not necessarily anything that conforms to human standards. Multiple eye pods  move about in seemingly uncoordinated ways, looking in different directions at the same time. Tentacles grasp at the air, seeking to make contact.

Experimental Life Form 2 is a bit less sophisticated, but no less alien. These creatures lack the obvious eyes of the first abomination, but seem to move in response to some other stimuli, possibly body warmth. Tentacles stretch out, touching everything in the vicinity, using a high sense of touch to explore their new world. Their skin erupts in oozing sores, filling the lab with objectionable stench. The good doctor has thoughtfully provided a fresh zombie as a treat for his new pets.

These creatures could pop up in any science fiction, horror or fantasy game world.  The mad scientist and zombie figures in the photos are 25mm scale for size comparison. But the critters also could be used as very large monsters with 15mm scale miniatures.

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